CAVEAT LECTOR: Reported whistleblower states Nibiru is real and approaching with 7 planets in orbit

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LISTEN TO Veritas Radio INTERVIEW with Pattie Brussard

NIBIRU CAVEAT LECTOR 😉 NOTE: Exercise discernment in reading and listening to this interview with reported whistleblower Pattie Brussard, as she believes that Nibiru alignment caused Fukushima and Chile mega earthquakes.  You can go to to see Leuren Moret’s analysis why the Fukushima nuclear false flag event was triggered by HAARP/Chemtrails and it is not necessary to posit the Nibiru alignment as a cause. Moreover, Pattie Brussard seems to deny the evidence pointing to the moon as an artificial satellite.

Planet X, Nemesis, Nibiru, Hercolubus – Articles by Alfred Lambremont Webre

FROM A FRIEND: “Someone posted this summary elsewhere of what was discussed during our conversation”:
–Second sun (SOL-2) is Nibiru— same as Wormwood and Nemesis.
— Second sun’s next pass will be on Aug 17th– it will be .32 AU from us.
-Blue Bonnet is the name of the SOL-2 planet that is 4 times the size of Nibiru.
– They took away my security clearance, I can’t collect unemployment or disability anymore.
— Fukushima–The core had 212 kilos of plutonium. They had 40 plutonium breeder rods in the pool of number 4 at Fukushima.
-They were blackmailing Japan for money, and they did pay off.
–All the little quakes that led up to to the Japanese tsunami– we caused them with Haarp. But the big one was caused by the alignment with the second sun.
–The weather service is underreporting the weather.
–Chemtrails are multipurpose– a) population reduction. b) adding strontium and using haarp to heat it to get a direction to the fallout. c)They are doing chemtrails to block out the second sun.
–Military pilots who are doing chemtrails think they are saving the world, but have been lied to.
–Global warming has nothing to do with carbon dioxide– the microwaves from SOL-2 the second sun are melting the poles. Glaciers are melting from underneath.
–Sea off of alaska– a 5 mile square of methane is bubbling out.
–The ozone is gone. Each of the nuke plants is kicking out CFCs because they are exempt.
–Elephant in the room is the second sun–SOL-2.
–This month it will be like an eclipse. You wont be able to miss it. At sunrise and sunset you can see it with the naked eye. All that comes off of it is microwaves. Put a thermographic lens, and you will see it.
–Now you see it best at the equator. Before, it was best viewed in the southern hemisphere.
–NASA has known for 50 years. In ’83 they sent up the satellite that went past the edge of the sun… They found that the sun does a paralax– it wobbles– due to SOL-2
— Our asteroid belt used to be a planet that took a direct hit. Jupiter sucked up most of the debris.
–Hexagram on top of Saturn.
Earth was originally around the other sun most likely, since earth’s elements are not the same as out other planets.
–This is the fifth span of time of humanity on this planet.
–This is the sixth pass.
–NASA is a corporation owned by the NWO folks. Just like the Fed and FEMA.
— 2012 was a psy op to get the free thinkers to ridicule the real event so no one prepares for it– and there is maximum death.
–Right now we have pole fires and lightening that gives you radiation burns. Happening now.
-Whats sitting in fort knox is lead coated with gold. –Thats why they did 9-11 cause they couldnt give China back its gold.
–You have to be 3 feet underground to protect from the UVB,UVC,etc and microwaves due to this event. This will last 6 weeks. All nuclear power plants will go down. Lightening storms will give radiation burns. 3 Grids went down yesterday. They blamed it on the weather.
–3,600 years ago this happened.
–The president was supposed to tell us.
–EPA raised radiation levels, based on Fukushima so they dont have to tell us it is SOL-2 radiation.

–Alot of debris will be hitting us from comet Ison’s tail.
–Mars is getting hammered right now.
–Some of the 7 planets are inhabited
–The benevolent ones put the grey boxes on the coasts, but the government is doing mind control on the TV. Thats why they forced everybody to go digital.
–They’re selling property to china but china wont accept it till we are disarmed.
–The SOL-2 flyby will last until November. The worst will be done by Nov.
–The earth is wobbling. If you set up a camera with 10 second delay of the moon you will see the moon bobble.
–SOL-2 is one tenth the size of the sun with a planet 4 times the size of
–Rent a bobcat and put a mobile home or trailer three feet underground.
–Concrete block homes will make you safe if you dont have a wooden roof, which lets through the microwaves.
–Sea level will go up 200 plus feet when poles melt..
–Earth will slow down, but water will keep going and slosh.
–Florida will be destroyed by the rise in sea level, entire gulf is a caldera. NWO punched thru the methane hydrate level. They can’t close it. The whole bottom of the gulf is bubbled up.
–FEMA is buying emergency food cause they dont want you to have it.
— Houses and trees are going to burn.
–Planes are not flying over the north pole. No ozone. Rads are highest there right now.
–When you go up in an airplane you are getting more radiation 1,000s of rads.
–Plutonium eats your heart, strontium goes to your bones.
–By the end of this month if you’re not hiding you’re dead.
–Smart meter is a transmitter and helps with mind control.
–Closing the embassies allows them to call people home who have a seat in the DUMBS. There are 80 DUMBS in the US. 104 Worldwide.
–Denver will be the new capitol. Queen has property outside of Denver.
–They dont want people to have any time to prepare at all so hence the Al Qaeda distraction going on right now.
–By next month the second sun will be in an eclipse.
–3 days of darkness
–Magnetic shield will be down entirely. It will be like being stuck in a microwave.
–Take your metal camper, rent a bobcat, go someplace above 1200 feet. dig a hole and take seeds to use after.
–Get a hydrogen kit for the car, standard generator from Home Depot or Lowes. Put it in faraday cage.
–Tsunamis will happen when the earths rotation is slowed down. Get at least 1200 feet up and bury your camper with at least 3 feet of dirt on top. Prepare to stay for 6 weeks.
–People who will be put in FEMA camps will be left there without the key to get out and will die.
–All nuke subs are being moved to california now because they have a large tunnel there.
–fukushima_truth worldradiationrising.


CAVEAT LECTOR: Reported whistleblower states Nibiru is real and approaching with 7 planets in orbit



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