Cancer Industry Exposed as Fraud “The Science is False”

August 21, 2013 28 Comments »

cancer research

Major studies within cancer research have been proven to be false which suggests that the mainstream treatments we use are based on fraudulent findings and false science.

Recent news has shown that the majority of studies geared towards cancer research are inaccurate and likely fraudulent by nature. Findings published in the journal Nature show that 88% of major studies on cancer that have been published in reputable journals over the years can not be reproduced to show their accuracy. This means that the research findings published are not based on accurate results.

Author of the review and former head of cancer research at Amgen C. Glenn Begley was unable to replicate the results of 47 of the 53 studies he examined. This suggests that researchers are fabricating their findings simply to create the illusion of positive findings instead of publishing their actual results. This ensures the continuation of their steady stream of funding and grants.

Begley stated: “These are the studies the pharmaceutical industry relies on to identify new targets for drug development, but if you’re going to place a $1 million or $2 million or $5 million bet on an observation, you need to be sure it’s true. As we tried to reproduce these papers we became convinced you can’t take anything at face value.”

Although Begley was unable to publish the names of those who published the false findings, this recent development shows that the vast majority or modern cancer treatment approaches are invalid given they have been built off of a poor base.

The University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center published an analysis in 2009, that revealed popular cancer studies to be false. Unsurprisingly the primary cause of fabricated results was determined to be conflicts of interest that created results that work out best for drug companies rather than for the people.

Personally I have always felt the cancer industry to be transparent when it came to their research and treatments. In many ways it is common sense. If someone said to you “This body is sick and we need to some how make it better.” Would you think to completely poison and destroy every healthy cell in it in order to make it better? While it can show results in minimal cases, it isn’t the most ideal approach. We are using highly carcinogenic treatments to cure a disease who’s development is sped up through carcinogens.

The very fact that incredible amounts of money have been funnelled into cancer research by people over the years and yet no cure has been found should be a tell tale sign things aren’t what they seem. This reveals in itself that the money is not going where we might think it is and there is not a complete effort to find a cure. While many people are aware of this and more are continuing to learn about it, the vast majority of us continue to believe in what we are told from government, education and the media about their findings that have been proven false time and time again.


University of Michigan report –

Yahoo Cancer Article:



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